Latour at CHI

Latour-photoPreparations are under way for the CHI13 conference this week and I’m totally excited to hear that Latour is the closing keynote. After seeing his lectures in Edinburgh this year, those of us that headed up north rather than watch his webcast lectures in the cold wet months of February were pleasantly surprised to see that we would see him in the flesh again at this years CHI.

In February Latour’s lectures, Facing Gaia. A new enquiry into Natural Religion, was a six lecture deliberation unpacking scientific, environmentalist and political positions on climate change. Most of us that saw the lectures online, found it incredibly difficult to follow his arguments at times. This wasn’t helped by the fact that we watched these lectures in a dark, cold classroom in Culture Lab, when we were, unfortunately, still in the grips of a miserable winter. We sat in hopeful anticipation that we would eventually understand what on earth he was talking about, with his strange compound nouns and categories and sub categories of knowledge production as articulated by the disciplines of natural sciences and religion.


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